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SPOCE Company Profile

SPOCE (Pronounced SPOKE) is an acronym and stands for Successful Projects Operating in Controlled Environments. We are a global leader in delivering best practice project, programme and risk management courses. With 30 years' experience, we are the longest standing accredited company in this space, delivering the very first world leading project and programme management courses such as PRINCE2® and MSP®.

Our Mission

To provide you with ongoing quality project, programme and risk management best practice training and qualifications. We will deliver our expertise with speed, efficiency and courteous service quality 'every' time.

At SPOCE we don't 'just' teach you to pass exams, we facilitate competencies for life!

Who Learns with SPOCE?

Whether you are an individual on the career development path or a course coordinator seeking to improve the quality of projects and programmes management within your organisation, there is a SPOCE course and training style for you. We deliver project and programme methodologies to both public and private sector delegates.

SPOCE's Approach to Training and Learning

At SPOCE we understand that we all have different learning styles, so our courses and project training methods are tailored with this in mind. For some candidates, flexibility is key. You want to save on money, time and travel with as little disruption as possible to your usual routines. Some prefer a more traditional and supportive teaching style. Take a closer look at our training options and decide how you wish to learn.

If you are an individual looking to further your career development, or part of a larger organisation wishing to make multiple course bookings, then we have a range of options to suit you.

Classroom Training

If you prefer to learn in a traditional classroom environment and would like the support of face to face training delivered by one of our closely vetted team of trainers, then a SPOCE classroom course is for you. We deliver our wide range of project and programme related courses across the UK in a number of accessible (and not so accessible) locations.

This will include pre course preparation, trainer presentations, individual and group tasks. Our courses are delivered within a workshop environment and we ensure that during your classroom experience, you learn to apply what you have learned in the classroom to your real life professional environment.

Accredited e-Learning

Do you like the flexibility of being able to choose when and where you study and are fairly confident learning with technology but don't want to lose on quality in your course material? Here at SPOCE we have developed our own brand of award winning e-Learning courses to support your self-study and they come equipped with access to our Learning Management System. Now you can even take your exams online too!

Why not take a look at our PRINCE2 Passport and other demos so that you can get a real feel for what the SPOCE e-Learning experience can do for you.

Blended Learning

But what if you want the best of both worlds? You're confident with self-study but would really like that bit of extra support when it comes to exam preparation? We have an option for this too! SPOCE supply a blended learning experience where you can add a 1 day exam preparation course to one of our e-Learning packages.

Bespoke and Onsite client events

If you are part of an organisation looking for a more bespoke package for your employees then SPOCE has the expertise to customise your learning and deliver a bespoke experience. We also provide on-site training at your own location anywhere in the world. More info >>

SPOCE ONLIVE Virtual training

Virtual training delivered any where in the world at your convenience and preferred pace of learning. This service is suitable for groups or for individuals wanting to acheive their qualification as well as companies wanting to train a batch of individuals.

Assurance, Consultancy & Support

In addition to accredited training, SPOCE can also assist you in embedding the portfolio, programme and project (PPM) best practice methods though facilitated workshops, project health checks, consultancy and mentoring.

These can be in the form of facilitated worshops - Programme or Project Initiation, Definition and Planning; Product Based Planning; Risk Analysis; End of Tranche/End Stage Assessments; Project Assurance; Project Stabilisation; Project Status and Planning. More info >>

P3M3® Consulting Services

SPOCE's P3M3® Consulting Service aims to help organisations such as yours to optimise their Projects, Programmes and Portfolios. We benchmark your current performance using the P3M3® maturity model, and make recommendations that will make a real difference within your organisation. We will tell you what it is that you do well, what isn’t working quite as well and what your organisation needs to change to make improvements. More info >>

Our History