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Change Management® Training and Change Management Certification Courses

Business Change Management training focuses on the people involved and affected by change in your organisation. For change to be successful, the right people need to be involved in making the decisions, planning and implementing the change. Everyone affected by the change (the users) need to support it and make the decision to working in new ways. If this doesn’t happen, however well planned and managed your project is, the change will not take place and benefits will not be realised. It allows people to:

•   Increase 'buy in' for the change, reducing resistance and addressing concerns.
•   Ensure the changes are suitable, workable and acceptable for all affected users.
•   Ensure the change is owned and supported throughout the organisation.
•   Take 'people issues' into consideration when making decisions about the change.
•   Ensure affected users know why it is happening, what they need to do and how they will be supported.
•   Ensure new ways of working are sustainable and embedded so the benefits can be realised.

Change Management®Training Manual

Change Management® Benefits

The Change Management® Foundation and Practitioner course is fully aligned with the Change Management body of knowledge. On the Change Management course delegates will learn:

  •  What it takes to become a highly effective Change, Transition or Transformation Manager.
  •  A range of approaches which will enable individuals and organisations to implement transition and organisational change smoothly and effectively.
  •  Techniques and methods to win the hearts and minds of the people affected by the change. 
  •  How to win and keep the engagement of stakeholders in the change.
  •  Mitigate and minimise the risks involved in the change to ensure a greater success rate. 
  •  Identify and assign the roles required for successful change. 

Change Management® Certification

The Change Management certification scheme is accredited by APMG and provides a clear path for those wishing to gain an entry level overview and understanding of the approach to those wishing to effectively apply and initiate change and transformation within their own organisations. 

Based on the official 'Change Managers handbook' the course will come in 2 parts which can be studied together or separately depending on the candidate's needs.

Change Management Foundation certification covers the following:

  • Has no pre-requisites for study and is suitable for anyone who wishes to have a basic understanding of how to implement organisational change.
  • Gives an overview of the process involved in organisational changes and transformation.
  • The roles required to deliver successful organisational change. 
  • How people react to change and what you need to do to help them adapt to this.
  • The different types of process involved in Change Management.
  • Managing the all-important stakeholders.
  • The exam is a 40 minute multiple choice exam with a pass mark of 50% (50 questions).


Change Management Practitioner certification level covers the following:

  • Has a pre-requisite of Change Management Foundation certificate.
  • Will teach the delegate how to apply the appropriate Change Management processes to their own organisations.
  • How to properly prepare for an organisational change or transformation, particularly assigning the appropriate roles for an effective change team.
  • Winning and keeping the hearts and minds of the people that are involved in the change.
  • How to provide a clear framework of roles, skills and activities in order to make the change a success.
  • The exam is 2.5 hours, 4 questions worth 25 marks each with a pass rate of 50%.


Change Management Re-registration

APMG requires that for delegates to retain their Change Management Practitioner status, they must re-register every 5 years. This can be achieved by taking a shorter 1.5 h re-registration exam. 

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