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SPOCE Pass Rates

SPOCE's pass rates remain some of the best in the world which contributes to our remaining one of the top three training providers. Using SPOCE's industry leading event-preparation materials, tools and your commitment, you can expect great results . During the course, the most experienced trainers in the industry help to ensure that candidates receive the best learning experience and coaching.

Pass Rates

Average Pass Rates*

MethodAverage Pass ratesMethodAverage Pass rates
AgilePM® Foundation 97% AgilePM® Practitioner 100%
Change Management® Foundation 100% Change Management® Practitioner 100%
ITIL® Foundation 93% M_o_R® Foundation 100%
M_o_R® Practitioner 100% MoR® Re-Reg 100%
MoP® Foundation 100% MoP® Practitioner 100%
MSP® Foundation 96% MSP® Practitioner 75%
PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation 85% PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner 88%
PRINCE2® 6th edition Foundation 90% PRINCE2® 6th edition Practitioner 88%

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* Pass rates taken from 2020/21 average. PRINCE2 F latest quarter due to volumes.