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PRINCE2® 7 and 6th edition Training and Certification London , UK and Global

PRINCE2® 7 (and 6th edition) is a process-based method for effective project management, that will give you the skills to feel confident in managing projects successfully within the workplace and provide you with greater control of resources and the ability to manage business and project risk in an effective manner. PRINCE2® is an acronym of Projects In Controlled Environments.

SPOCE provide an extensive range of accredited PRINCE2® 7 and 6th edition training and certification courses. The delivery methods range from instructor led, in-house classroom events, ONLIVE Virtual Classroom, On Demand recordings, Accredited e-Learning and Blended learning. 

SPOCE can provide PRINCE2® 7 training to individuals looking to improve their project management skills on one of our public PRINCE2® Virtual Classroom courses and if there are 6 or more delegates within an organisation looking to take the course, we can offer more cost-effective onsite PRINCE2® 7 training.

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PRINCE2® 7 certification is here! 

We are now offering PRINCE2® 7 training and certification at our in-house client events, ONLIVE Virtual Classroom training and as our On Demand virtual classroom recordings, so you have a variety of training options at your disposal when you wish to study this long awaited new version. We currently have PRINCE2 e-Learning in 6th edition only.

With over 1 million PRINCE2® accredited professionals in over 150 countries, PRINCE2® is one of the most widely accepted methods for managing projects worldwide. It isolates the management aspects of project work from the specialist contributions, such as design, construction etc which are easily integrated with the PRINCE2® project management method. This provides a secure framework for any type of project across multiple areas of business activity such as business change, construction, IT, mergers and acquisitions, research and product development.

There are many benefits of using PRINCE2® project management, primarily it:

- Ensures project management is focused on the continuing viability of the project in relation to its Business Case.

- Involves senior management in the project at the right time and in the right place.

- Focuses on products which provides clarity for all parties involved on what the project must deliver.

- Facilitates controls at all levels.

- Makes the project's progress more visible to management.

- Provides a communication medium for all project staff.

- Ensures that work progresses in the correct sequence.

- Allows the project to be stopped and, if required, re-started completely under management control, at any time.

- Contains a well-established 'User Group' dedicated to the support, promotion and strengthening of the method.

PRINCE2® 7 what has changed?

Here are some of the bigger changes that PRINCE2® 6th edition has undergone with the launch of PRINCE2® 7.

The integrated elements

The introduction of a new 'People' integrated element is probably one of the biggest changes to PRINCE2® 7. The chapter recognises that stakeholders are more than just a 'bolt on', but are integral to project success.

The Principles: have undergone some minor changes to support understanding of them but the seven principles still very much remain.

The Themes: now 'Practices', but the essence of them, aside from some changes to support consistency, are the same.

The tried and tested 'Processes' are also the same and continue to support the three layers of management.

The approach has been updated

Tailoring has been given even more of a platform and is now addressed through the entire guidance with supporting scenarios to enable more agility.

Project performance: the inclusion of sustainability and data as an aspect of project performance. 

The guidance has been updated throughout

Language and content has been simplified to support the 'PRINCE2® for all'.  Language has been simplified and made more consistent for those that do not have English as their first language.

The exams 

Both Foundation and Practitioner exams have the same length and approach as 6th edition (foundation 60 minutes closed book and practitioner 150 minutes open book) but the pass mark has now increased with PRINCE2® 7 from 55% (6th edition) to 60% (PRINCE2® 7).

SPOCE Project Management are popular providers of Foundation-level PRINCE2® training courses and Practitioner-level PRINCE2® training courses.

The Foundation-level PRINCE2® training course is available to anybody who requires understanding how PRINCE2® provides a controlled approach to managing projects. The practitioner-level PRINCE2® training will teach you to apply PRINCE2® to the running and managing of a project within an environment supporting PRINCE2®.

Since SPOCE ran the world's first PRINCE2® project management training course in January 1997. Our PRINCE2® training courses are a mixture of input and practical sessions, delivered by a PeopleCert approved trainer with practical experience of project management and PRINCE2® methodology.

SPOCE's PRINCE2® training includes our highly acclaimed online event preparation, available to everyone attending these PRINCE2® training courses, along with a wealth of other resources to not only help excel in their PRINCE2® training course and exams but also facilitate use of the PRINCE2® at the workplace and in projects. PRINCE2® course delegates should spend approximately 5-10 hours studying the PRINCE2® pre-course material in order to be well prepared for the PRINCE2® training course.

SPOCE'S flexible approach to the management of the PRINCE2® courses means that delegates can choose to either continue from the PRINCE2® Foundation course for a further two days to complete PRINCE2® Practitioner certification or stagger the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification and return at a later date to complete the PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam.

PRINCE2®Training London

PRINCE2® 7 in-house training

If you have 6 or more delegates that wish to take a PRINCE2® 7 course within your organisation then SPOCE can customise your experience by delivering your PRINCE2® 7 training onsite, from anywhere in the world! We specialise in creating a bespoke experience for our in-house client courses, whether this is the structure, length or content of the course being aligned with the objectives of your organisation.

Read more about our PRINCE2® client courses here

Welcome to PRINCE2® 7 ONLIVE Virtual Training!

Want the flexibility and support of studying PRINCE2® 7 from the comfort of your own home or your desk but would still like the support of live trainer sessions? Welcome to SPOCE PRINCE2® Virtual Classroom. Here you will be able to select a training schedule that suits your requirements, listen to live sessions delivered by the SPOCE expert training team, interact with the trainer and the rest of the class.  We can deliver this course as a bespoke in-house client training course, just to the delegates within your organisation, or if you are booking only a few delegates , or simply for yourself, then we have a regular schedule of public courses available.

Read more about ONLIVE PRINCE2® virtual classroom here

PRINCE2® 7 self-paced On Demand recordings

If you are happy studying in the classroom but simply cannot spare a full 5 days out of the office, then our On Demand Virtual Classroom option is for you. You still get to watch the live training sessions but for you they will be recorded. You can go through them and refresh on anything at your own pace. You will get a full 6 months access and trainer support when you purchase this package, either for yourself or your team. 

Read more about PRINCE2® On Demand here 

PRINCE2® e-Learning

If you are confident with self-study and want the flexibility to be able to study by your own timetable, but don’t want to lose out on quality training, then PRINCE2® e-Learning is for you. Our award-winning e-Learning courses to support your self-study are accessible worldwide from our Learning Management System. We currently offer PRINCE2® 6th edition only as an e-Learning option.  

Read more about PRINCE2® e-Learning here.

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