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How studying for APM PFQ can turn you into a stakeholder super power


That is a bold statement, but did you know that lack of stakeholder engagement is the most commonly cited reason that projects can fail. Risk management and resource management came next, for which key stakeholders also play a pivotal role in.*

What does the APM framework create for your project teams?

• Strategic alignment: When the project is properly tied to the vision of the organisation, it is more likely to succeed and when you see yourself as part of the wider project team, then there can be greater synergy between the project goals and that of the organisation.

• Resource allocation: Cited in the top 3 reasons why projects fail; If you are a senior stakeholder, you will often influence or control purse strings and personnel.

• Clear decisions: The decision makers (directors, senior management team, executives and board members) need to be aware of the important elements of the project to support it.

• Risk management: Identifying and mitigating risks is not only done by the project manager but the people who are involved in the company vision and strategy. If you are one of these people, then you are also part of the ‘wider project team’ and can become a key stakeholder.

• Communicating support: Key stakeholders often have the kudos in the organisation and play a key role in changing the hearts and minds of those that use the project outputs.

• Granting project acceptance: As a key stakeholder you are pretty likely to play a role in achieving acceptance from a customer, use or supplier background. Now we have reminded ourselves just how important people are, how do we create project synergy?

One way to achieve harmony in the project team is through a standardised approach and understanding of how the project is run. APM (Association of Project Management) offers an entry level certification that can empower you, as a key stakeholder, with the right level of knowledge and understanding of the project and what is key to its success.

When everyone talks the same language and is pulling in the same direction, amazing things can happen!

How does APM work for my organisation?

The APM PFQ syllabus covers how to form a standard approach towards projects and introduces strategies to setting the goals and achieving them.

APM PFQ is the perfect starting point for individuals or organisations lacking structure, experience or direction in the project world. It emphasises the importance and provides techniques for all of the following:

APM PFQ provides a shared understanding of the project concepts, practices and terminology. This reduces any chance of misinterpretation. Project managers, team members, sponsors and clients are all talking the same language. The communication flows and things are achieved more effectively.

APM PFQ stresses the importance of aligning project activities with overall organisational goals. Both should form the projects objectives. Often it is easy for project teams to get hung up on what ‘they’ think is important and not align to the organisations vision / mission statements.

Informed decision making comes with an understanding of the process of project management itself. When you understand why considering scope, time, cost, quality and risk is essential then you are able to make a better contribution to its goals and are less likely to contradict the process.

APM PFQ emphasises some important approaches to problem solving and addressing challenges through the project lifecycle such as ‘risk management’ and provides techniques for doing this. You can then address potential issues and deal with them in a collective way. This proactive mindset allows everyone to feel a part of the wider project team and work towards the project goals together.

Studying APM PFQ enables you to understand the principles of effective resource allocation, making sure the right people, time and budget is allocated to the project. This makes for a much smoother workflow and greater optimisation.

APM PFQ stresses the importance of change management principles so that you can navigate and communicate changes effectively and get everyone on board with the changes. You can create the right environment for project success throughout the entire organisation.

Quality focus: Your understanding of quality management principles will enable you to provide valuable input when the project team are defining quality standards.

Collaboration and trust: When you study APM PFQ, this in itself, demonstrates a commitment to supporting and understanding the way the projects within the organisation are run.

In conclusion, APM is for everyone!

Not only do you increase your own value, but you can greatly improve the likelihood of project success. This knowledge enhances your ability to communicate, make informed decisions, anticipate challenges, and contribute positively to the project.

Studying APM PFQ reminds you, as part of the wider project team, whatever your role in it may be, that you are all in this together.

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*(Teamstage: Project Management Statistics: Trends and Common Mistakes in 2023).