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SPOCE Trainer Insights | Why communication is key for Project Management.

Communication is the key to PM

Let’s Talk; Communication!

It has been well argued that a project manager spends more time communicating than anything else while working on a project. Whether managing a small-scale initiative or a complex corporate project, effective communication is the foundation which project management success depends on. In this blog, I dive into why communication is not just a tool, but a strategic imperative for project managers.

“Why are we doing this?”

A typical question asked by a project team member is “why are we doing this?” A poorly communicated objective leads to poor understanding and expectations by the project team. If the project manager has expressed the reasons and goals explicitly, the entire team can pull together to push in the direction now laid out in front of them. A project's success hinges on the collaboration and motivation of its team members. Additional communication such as updates, feedback, and acknowledgment of achievements all help to build and maintain a positive culture. This boosts morale and enhances success.

“What is going on?”

Another key question which highlights a lack of communication is “what is going on?”. This very question can be scary to hear when the person asking is expected to know what is happening, or should be happening. Keeping key stakeholders informed at all times plays a major part in project success. Ill informed decision makers make poor decisions, and this is not acceptable. It is the project managers responsibility to spread the news on progress, inform the involved parties on issues, and maintain communication with experts on risk. If any of these primary functions slip, you will be left asking the question “what is going on?”.

“What do I have to do?”

If expectations and requirements are unclear, a project manager can expect to be asked “what do I have to do?”. When work packages, contracts and tasks have been delegated, it is best practice to add as much detail and description as possible on the topic of what is to be produced, how, and when. If team managers are unclear on this, they will either run with the little information they have and do their best (inherently increasing ‘risk’ on the project), or will stop, return to the project manager and ask for clarity (the better of the two options, but is time consuming and will delay progress). A good project manager can avoid both of these scenarios if they just detail the products, work, requirements and resources in full in the first place.

Ultimately, let’s talk!

Communication is the absolute foundation of project success. The ability to share a vision, keep our stakeholders engaged, identify and resolve issues effectively, organise a team and more all relies on communication. Whether communication is verbal, physical, or virtual, spreading a message and receiving feedback on said message is fundamental.

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About Harley

Having worked in the industry since 2016, Harley’s experience is vast and knowledge of project management methods is of an elite standard. He has covered a wide variety of roles in a plethora of projects and has worked with some incredible project professionals over the years; there is seldom a scenario that Harley has not encountered.

Residing in Poole, Dorset Harley has specialized in maritime projects and programmes in and around the stunning natural harbour. From project managing major yachting events, to advising on risk management approaches, the natural elements have thrown endless challenges into projects where Harley has strategically extracted the best outcomes from each scenario. These tales make up some of Harley’s most interesting  examples used when delivering his training of which attendees enjoy.

SPOCE is proud to have industry leading pass rates for delegates in the PRINCE2® and APM methods which Harley has played a vital part in achieving. Starting his training career in 2019, he would run sessions such as “what makes the perfect business case?” and the much loved “PRINCE2 Practitioner exam workshops”.

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