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Project Support – The Project Manager’s Support System

Most project managers will agree, the admin side of the project management is heavy. Lots of project management methodologies encourage or prescribe numerous logs, registers, files and documents to be created and maintained. We know we should be using all of these management products, but it can just get too much. This is where the wonderful role of project support step in.

Who are project support?

Project support are an optional add on to any project, yet the work they do is not. Their primary function is to help project managers keep track of all the different aspects of the project. Keeping the risk register up to date, scheduling meetings, drafting reports, providing information for impact analysis’ and much more. All of these things are the responsibility of the PM, but project support can and should take them on if delegated to do so.

When should I employ project support?

If the project manager is beginning to slip up, lose track and make errors, it may be time to call in some support. Now this is where a common sense approach should be applied… in short, don’t be lazy just because support is there. The best project managers are efficient and use their own time wisely and split the tasks to support roles when they cannot be in two places at once perhaps. It may even be the PM is not a specialist in a certain field yet a member of the project support team is, this is when project support can be leaned on in the most effective way.

How do I successfully lead my project support team?

The project manager is a leader and there is a clear hierarchy between them and project support. This means that not only does the PM choose and build said team, but must be motivating and monitoring them along the way too. We need to raise people into their roles, praise the great work they do, show thanks for helping us, and reward accordingly. Additionally, if our project falls under some criticism or complaints, the PM must protect the team, answer the difficult questions and be broad shouldered.

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About Harley

Having worked in the industry since 2016, Harley’s experience is vast and knowledge of project management methods is of an elite standard. He has covered a wide variety of roles in a plethora of projects and has worked with some incredible project professionals over the years; there is seldom a scenario that Harley has not encountered.

Residing in Poole, Dorset Harley has specialized in maritime projects and programmes in and around the stunning natural harbour. From project managing major yachting events, to advising on risk management approaches, the natural elements have thrown endless challenges into projects where Harley has strategically extracted the best outcomes from each scenario. These tales make up some of Harley’s most interesting  examples used when delivering his training of which attendees enjoy.

SPOCE is proud to have industry leading pass rates for delegates in the PRINCE2® and APM methods which Harley has played a vital part in achieving. Starting his training career in 2019, he would run sessions such as “what makes the perfect business case?” and the much loved “PRINCE2 Practitioner exam workshops”.